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 Parents and Children Education Club

Parents and Children Education Club

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    Holmdel, NJ

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$200k - $500k

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10 - 50

Areas of Focus
  • Education Access
  • Youth Development
  • Equal opportunity in education
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  • Chinese
  • Angela Chiu President

父母子女教育俱乐部 (PCE Club)是一个非营利非宗教非政治的教育组织。成立于2003年9月,从电子通迅录上的几个人到20多人,直到今天发展为超过3000个家庭的微信群。我们坚持学习和宣传情商育儿,专注践行育儿育己、成长即成功理念。 我们的宗旨是为华人父母提供一个学习和讨论的平台,不断提高个人和子女情商,关注心理健康,促进和子女的交流与家庭和谐,发展健全真我。


PCE Club 每月举办家长和子女教育方面的活动,专家讲座,心得交流和实际锻炼相结合,为家长和孩子提供一个机会和场所,交流有关教育和成长的经验和教训,探讨大家关心的话题,互相帮助,避免走弯路。

The Parent-Child Education Club (PCE Club) was founded in September 2003 as a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political educational organization. From a few individuals initially, it has grown into a WeChat group with over 3000 families today. We are dedicated to learning and promoting emotional intelligence in parenting, focusing on the principles of parenting oneself and nurturing children, believing that personal growth leads to success.

Our aim is to provide a platform for Chinese parents to learn and discuss, continuously improve their own and their children’s emotional intelligence, pay attention to mental health, promote communication and harmony within families, and develop a healthy sense of self.

Parenting children is a challenging task, yet it is one that is difficult to find training opportunities for. In most cases, people rely on hearsay, books, or trial and error to navigate the journey of parenting. However, the valuable experiences gained are often not shared, resulting in a loss of knowledge. Then, young parents start the same cycle again. Many parents of teenagers feel very distressed because they cannot communicate with their children, regretting not laying a solid foundation for communication when their children were young. However, many parents of young children may not yet realize this problem, and by the time they do, it may be too late.

PCE Club holds monthly activities on parenting and children’s education, combining expert lectures, sharing experiences, and practical exercises. It provides an opportunity and place for parents and children to exchange experiences and lessons on education and growth, discuss topics of mutual concern, help each other, and avoid detours.